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Silestone vs Granite: What’s best for family kitchens?

A stone countertop is the perfect addition to any family kitchen. Stone looks great, it’s perfect for cooking and it is tough enough to stand up to your hectic family life. In Britain, the most popular choices for stone worktops are usually granite and Silestone. But which should you choose? What’s the difference? Granite is… Read more »

What is Angelo White Quartz?

With its clean, harmonious look which complements a range of kitchen designs and decors, Angelo White quartz creates a signature statement in any kitchen. A hybrid of 94% quartz and 6% polyester resin mixed with colour pigmentation and minute metallic or glass shards elevates Angelo White quartz, promoting design intrigue and individuality for that familiar,… Read more »

How to Clean Granite Worktops

Anyone who knows anything about worktops knows that granite is the most sought-after material. Sure, quartz is not without its merits, (it’s cheaper for one!) Marble worktops are considered more durable. But granite worktops showcase stunning designs, add aesthetic value – and are a great long-term investment. However, there’s one caveat that we cannot ignore:… Read more »