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Phil Kirk Interiors

Cheshire Granite Line along with Phil Kirk Interiors

We often collaborate with Phil Kirk Interiors, Cheshire’s Leading Interior Design Specialist. Below are a few examples of their work, however more can be seen on the Phil Kirk website, Sample of work from Phil Kirk Designs and Cheshire Granite Line. Sample of work from Phil Kirk Designs and Cheshire Granite Line. Sample of… Read more »

How to Handle a Long Overdue Kitchen Clear-Out

A kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food. It’s a status symbol, a space to bring the family together and, for some people, a kitchen is a great big storage unit. In decades past, proud homeowners would invite friends over to see a new fridge-freezer or some other kitchen gadget that would save lifetimes… Read more »

Should I choose granite or quartz?

Luxury kitchen remodel with granite island in foreground.

Want a natural stone worktop installed in your new kitchen? Two of the most popular choices are granite and quartz. Both are excellent choices, but there are some important differences between the two that you need to be aware of before you make your choice. Heat resistance Forged in extreme temperatures beneath the earth’s crust,… Read more »

The best Cheshire food festivals this summer

Cheshire has an excellent range of food festivals, stretching from the early spring right through until the end of summer. In country halls, parks and market towns, these events are great for trying new things, picking up cookery tips and gathering inspiration to try in your kitchen at home. Here is our pick of the… Read more »