Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cheshire kitchen design trends for 2014

If you are going to go to the inevitable trouble of redesigning your kitchen, you will want to be completely on trend, when it comes to kitchen design style. And being denizens of that most stylish of counties, Cheshire, we thought we’d be best placed to give advice on how to do it! Of course… Read more »

Marble kitchen worktops – the pros & cons

Ever since man dug into the earth beneath his feet and realised this elegant material exists within the very ground, we have sought to extract marble, and to use it in our homes: as floors, stairways, columns and now, increasingly, in the kitchen. Whichever way you shape it, marble has featured in the kitchens from… Read more »

Refurbing your kitchen….and worktops!

If, like me, you are getting a littleā€¦ well, bored of your kitchen, and are thinking of a refit, our very best advice would be to spend some initial time standing in your kitchen, and simply thinking. That way you can construct an image of your ideal kitchen using some rather old-fashioned software called your… Read more »