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Choosing the right ovenware material

Once-upon-a-prehistoric time, cooking involved dragging a clubbed mammoth back to your Barrett cave and roasting it over a open fire. Located in the very heat of the cave, they evidently took the concept of “central” heating very seriously in those days. And socialising was not so much a case of inviting the neighbours round, but… Read more »

Decorating your kitchen at Christmas

It’s the most won-der-ful time… of the year! It’s a time when decorations go up around the house to make our homes beautiful for this most distinctly family time of the year. And yet… where do most families congregate? Yep, you’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties… and that is why the kitchen… Read more »

Five modern kitchen ‘must-haves’ in 2015

As we all know (especially if we have families) the kitchen is really the control room of the home. It’s where the cooking gets done. It’s often where the eating gets done. Add to that the socialising and it’s perhaps the most important space in the house. And it’s increasingly one where technological innovations are… Read more »

Getting the best value kitchen design

We live in a world overrun with acronyms so in terms of efficiency, here’s one that actually stands for two things. ROI. Depending on where you live, ROI might stand for Republic of Ireland. However, it can also stand for Return on Investment, and that is something people are increasingly thinking about when it comes… Read more »

Cheshire kitchen design trends for 2014

If you are going to go to the inevitable trouble of redesigning your kitchen, you will want to be completely on trend, when it comes to kitchen design style. And being denizens of that most stylish of counties, Cheshire, we thought we’d be best placed to give advice on how to do it! Of course… Read more »