20 Kitchen Trends for 2020

It’s a new decade and therefore the perfect time to consider what trends might be in store for kitchen design.  Are all white kitchens still in?  How about open concept kitchen designs?   Well, that was possibly for the ‘10s.  Now we’re in the ‘20s, designers are already thinking outside of the box.  Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you, and the most important room in the house…

1          Kitchen countertops

Essential for eye catching design and finish, as well as practicality, when it comes to thinking about kitchen countertops, we at Cheshire Granite Line are on hand to advise on the right material for you. Quartz is ‘on trend’ as a desirable and economic material, with great benefits in terms of maintenance, and we are already ahead of that particular curve, with many different finishes available to view on our website.

2          Marble

Design leaders also forecast marble making a resurgence in 2020, and we have a range of carrara marble, with more vibrant veining compared to its near relative, calacatta marble.  Both of these look particularly elegant in whites and creams.

3          Larders

Surprisingly retro, perhaps, research suggests a trend for returning this extra room to the kitchen.  Variously called a pantry, store or larder, this room can help keep foodstuffs out of the way, leaving your kitchen lines more minimal and defined. 

4          Hint of tradition

While the temptation might be to go ‘fully contemporary’ when renovating your kitchen, trends suggest you might mix it up a little, perhaps with vintage cabinets to set off granite work surfaces, or antique style lighting. This look gives a cool twist and talking point, whilst remaining highly functional.

6          Sleekness

Building on the above, we sense a definite mood for sleek, simple lines in the kitchen, with perhaps the bullnose, or large pencil finish more appropriate (available to view on our website).  A crucial factor is also lighting, setting off the luxurious finishes in our product lines.

7          Texture

Design trends suggest mixing textures within your kitchen, for instance if you go for a smooth, elegant marble work surface, why not consider more of a grain to the wooden floors, or more ornate handles for the cabinets?

8          The Ceiling

We talk about the fourth wall when it comes to drama but what of the fifth wall… the ceiling?  Don’t lose sight of the fact it effectively puts the lid on everything else, so don’t simply paint it white – forecasters suggest thinking about wallpaper, or a feature colour, to set off your design.

9          Designated animal areas

Pets can tend to get in the way in the kitchen, while their feeding areas and litter trays can disrupt the perfect design.  And we have noted a trend – certainly in the USA – for creating dedicated pet areas, perhaps alcoves under sinks and cabinets, to keep everything neatly out of the way.  Happy owner – happy pet!

10        Green

Feature colours have always been a staple of interior design, and it would seem the feature colour for 2020 is green, both in terms of kitchen units, and also the material for counter surfaces.  Both lucky clover and rock garden shades of greens feature. 

11        Recycled Wood

A rather different kind of ‘green’, but in terms of environmental concerns, reclaimed wood is now finding favour with designers, in terms of both kitchen cabinets and floors.  Recycled wood is extremely hard-wearing and kind on the environment. 

12        Splashbacks

The trend here is to be confident and go bold.  This takes in both the colour and materials used for the backsplash, but also the dimensions.  Make a statement and create a talking point, with the countertops perhaps extended to form the splashbacks.  Bold tiling and mirroring also feature. 

13        Wallpaper

In the UK we are still yet to fully come round to the notion of wallpaper in the kitchen, which can feel rather retro.  However, design trends suggest mixing beautiful tiles with wallpaper to set off the kitchen design. A wallpaper feature wall opposite the main kitchen area is visually dynamic.

14        Cerused Wood

Back to the cabinets and a trend for 2020 is to use cerused wood.  Cerused wood allows the grain of the wood to come through, while also allowing the colouring the wood itself.  Cerused wood can look extremely elegant in more colourful kitchen designs.

15        Brick Splashbacks

Rather unconventional, but you may see something in the trend for brick splashbacks, possibly painted white, to give a more rustic feel to contemporary kitchen design.

16 Colour

While all-white kitchens may possibly be here for a little while yet, designers are much more open to involving colour in their kitchen renovations.  If the countertops are rather neutral, pick out complimentary colours in the cabinets or furniture in the kitchen.

17        Plate Racks

This may seem a vernacular piece of kitchen equipment, but why not use eBay to hunt for a vintage rack, that you can then use to display your plates on your worktops, creating a focal point rather than hiding them away?

19        Two-tone colour schemes

Building on our consideration of colour, another trend we have noted is for units and cabinets to feature two colours, rather than being uniform. This allows for a stylish contrast of colours in the kitchen.

20        Hidden hoods

Range Hoods are never really an area of the kitchen people particularly focus on. Functional, often bulky and uninteresting, they might instead be concealed behind panelling to allow other areas of the kitchen to be the focal point, such as the splashbacks… or indeed the countertops.

So, 20 ideas… one for each year of this new century.  And let 2020 become the year of the kitchen!