9 tips for planning your Cheshire kitchen redesign

design checklistEver feel like your kitchen’s seen better days? That design looking dated?  The world of kitchen design moves double quick, particularly in the fair county of Cheshire, so you won’t be alone in that.  The kitchen is the centre-piece of your home, a place for family and friends to get together and eat, drink and be merry. So, how can you ensure its perfect for the job? With our 9, nifty tips on having the finest, up to date kitchens in Cheshire!

  1. Oddly enough, number one is purely making the decision to redesign. That commitment alone is the start of a long and winding road.  But you need to take a look around   and try to understand what your kitchen’s chief function will be (other than cooking of course!).  Setting your stall out early in this way allows you to gauge exactly what you want from the new design.  Its a much harder if you have to revise the design further down the line.
  2. Consider the work schedule.  Can you arrange it for the summer months? It should be warmer then (‘should’ being the operative word if you live in the Cheshire plain or Greater Manchester).  Much of your cooking and dining can be relocated to the garden – any excuse for a barbie!
  3.  Sketch out a plan for when you’re going to have the work done, right from the design stage through implementation and to the final installation. In an ideal world, work with a project manager to doubly ensure a smooth outcome.
  4. Take a minute to ask yourself  how long you can spend on the project.  I’ve been through this myself and 3 months of cooking in a microwave on the lounge floor ain’t much fun! Being without a kitchen indefinitely is not something to be taken lightly, so discuss your concerns with the designer or project manager, and agree on a manageable time-scale.
  5. Firm up your kitchen requirements. Thinking back to your initial thoughts, communicate them to the designer and ensure they totally ‘get’ what you’re after.  How many people will be using on a daily basis…..and how many more on special occasions. Broaching this early on means you give yourselves a bigger chance of success.
  6. Now to the nitty gritty – what design style are you looking for? Fortunately, the age of the internet means there’s hundreds of kitchen design websites to trawl through. There’s of course plenty of style magazines too, not to mention the ever dependable Cheshire life. Visit the swanky showrooms in places like Knutsford (ignoring the prices – buying your granite worktops direct from Cheshire Multigranite will save a small fortune) and, armed with your knowledge, relax and cogitate over it all. The next trick is to communicate all these wonderful concepts to your chosen kitchen designer.  That way you avoid having them impose their own, unfettered ideas on you. Designers need keeping in line sometimes!
  7. Those all important kitchen surfaces!  The worktops are one of the most visible aspects to your kitchen and they need to be both functional and beautiful.  By this, we simply mean they need to do the job – like only a solid piece of granite can – but also look good and really make a bold statement within your new kitchen design.
  8. Now, arguably the tough bit. Preparing yourself, your family and home for the impending mayhem.  It can be quite a stressful time so make it easy on yourselves by planning ahead and preparing where possible for being minus a kitchen. Look to create a temporary alternative somewhere else in the house or, if you can, disappear off somewhere and spare yourselves the ordeal.
  9. “How much will all this cost!?” The big question.  Consider carefully your budget and be true to your situation. It’s no good having the kitchen of your dreams if you wince at the cost every time you sit in it. Using a good designer will ensure you get the most for your money – you don’t have to have the budget of a Manchester City striker to have something beautiful. And of course, sourcing your worktop directly from our Middlewich workshop will help you keep costs more Magnet than Mark Wilkinson!

Contact us today to see how our affordable and beautiful granite worktops can transform your kitchen.

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