10 Amazing Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

The school summer holidays are officially over. Whether it makes you happy or sad or even a touch jealous – there are some things you can do to relieve the new school-term stress.

Make sure you give them a really healthy, nutritious and good looking lunch to give them the best chance of getting ahead.

Here are some of the best looking, healthiest lunch box ideas that will make your kids the envy of the schoolyard. They are the perfect complement to your new Cheshire Graniteline kitchen.

His and hers

Making more than one lunch might seem like a bit of a chore. Especially if you aren’t a morning person. But these wonderfully symmetrical yumbox lunches show how easy it can be (as long as your kids like the same things!).

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Pickers paradise

This picky-bit, English tapas style lunch box, featuring cheese and crackers, fruit, veg, boiled eggs and brownies is sure to be a hit with kids who like to get hands on with their food. And the individual food compartments of yumboxes help keep everything fresh until lunchtime.

Colourful veggie Yumbox

This Yumbox has obviously been made with lots of love and care. It is really colourful and has bags of personality. But best of all – all of the food is healthy, non-processed and delicious. Bravo mum!

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Last night’s pasta plus

Want to save yourself a little time in the morning before the mad dash to school? Cook some pasta the night before and store it in any old Tupperware – then complete your meal with the kids’ favourite snack packs. Oh and don’t forget the ‘love you’ banana either.

Business box

If your kids like to think they are a little more serious (or if you want to take one of these amazing packed lunches to work with you) then maybe this beautiful metal lunchbox might be the one for you.

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Fruit and chicken nuggets

What could be better. The homemade nuggets look seriously tasty and the thermos flask should keep them warm until lunchtime.


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Stainless steel PlanetBox

These sustainable lunchboxes are made to last a lifetime. The different compartments are perfect for storing lots of interesting snacky bits so you can be sure that your fussy eater will find something that they like.

Mason jar lunch

Taking food to school in a mason jar might be something of a novelty for your kids, but they are really useful, particularly if you want to send them in with something saucy. Pictured below is a spiralised vegetable Bolognese – so it is healthy too.


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Taco truck lunch box

There are all sorts of colourful lunchboxes on offer these days. A quick scan of Amazon reveals thousands for your kids to choose from. Our personal favourite is this fabric taco truck.

Japanese Bento surprise

The Japanese are unquestionably the masters of fancy lunchboxes. Crafting unique looking ‘bento boxes’ is almost a sport in the land of the rising sun. Creating something like the panda below might look complicated, but it is actually quite easy if you follow the tutorial. Whether you have the time in the morning is another matter…

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